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Olympic Games: flying the flag for Christ, New Evangelisation into practice.


I want to share with you a few things about the Olympic Games that I found quite interesting:

Did you know that originally the Olympic Games were thought as a tribute to the “gods of the Olympus”? If in the Ancient Greece their philosophy antagonised the physical and the spiritual, our faith reconnect both and points that health should involve both body and soul. Like that in mid-19th century, the Olympic Games were rescued from the forgetfulness by the effort of some religious leaders:

– The Catholic priest Henri Didon, a famous orator and writer, is as well the father of the Olympic motto: ‘faster, higher, stronger’.

– In London in 1908, the Anglican bishop Ethelbert Talbot pronounced the words that became the Olympic creed, “The most important thing in these Olympics is not so much winning as taking part”.

– Baron Pierre de Coubertin, educated by Jesuits and the founder of the modern Olympics, was influenced by the very popular concept in Victorian England of “muscular Christianity”…

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50th International Eucharistic Congress (IEC); Dublin 10th – 17th June 2012

Before the 50th anniversary of the Opening of the II Vatican Council, the IEC, which is celebrated every four years in a different location of the globe, tried to review the actual situation of the Eucharistic Ecclesiology of Communion. The Programme of the congress, which started on the Feast of Corpus Christi, was based on the daily celebration of the Eucharist and had for its main theme: ‘The Eucharist: Communion with Christ and with one another’.

There were analysed different perspectives for theological reflection; Ecumenism; missionary and pastoral themes; and it focused on the challenges of the New evangelization…

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Faith, Hope and Charity.

A friend from ACNUK, (Aid to the Church in Need, UK), presented me a simple and beautiful project to see what could I do, as I am more in contact with children than herself. The idea was that children from parishes/ schools made cards with messages of support for persecuted Christians in the world, that would go, first to a wall of prayer in an event, called ‘Night of Witness’, organised by ACNUK and the Diocese of Westminster the 17th May. For later those cards to arrive, by diplomatic conduct, from Bishop to Bishop, to those who are truly suffering persecution in the world…

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The First Holy Communion of my daughter


Last Divine Mercy Sunday, my eldest daughter received for the first time the Body and Blood of the Lord, bread of live, chalix of salvation which make us partakers of the new covenant. Something so big, the Redemptor GOD offering himself!… and so humbly presented in the species of bread and wine, just for love to us! How magnificent gift!

We have been preparing for it since long ago, by reading and meditating the Word of God every night, by working with the Catechism, trying to live as we believe, praying together, and of course participating in His Sunday banquet, the Eucharist, apex and centre of our Christian life…

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La Primera Comunión de mi hija. (Resumen en español)

El domingo de la Divina Misericordia mi hija recibió por vez primera el Cuerpo y la Sangre del Señor, pan de vida y cáliz de salvación. ¡Qué regalo tan magnífico! Para ello nos hemos ido preparando con lectura y meditación diaria de la Palabra de Dios, trabajando el Catecismo, tratando de vivir de acuerdo con lo que creemos y, naturalmente, participando de su banquete, la Eucaristía, (hasta en griego actual significa gracias), cumbre y centro de la vida cristiana.

Este Encuentro transformador lo hemos vivido intensamente en toda la familia; hemos reforzando vínculos, compartido fe y vida cristiana con el resto de la comunidad de creyentes, nos hemos formado y nutrido como el Cuerpo de Cristo, y hemos entendido que el privilegio de recibirle conlleva la responsabilidad de compartir con otros la gracia y el amor recibidos. Continuamos dando gracias al Padre a través del Hijo y en el Espíritu Santo y pidiéndole ‘danos hoy nuestro pan de cada día’. ¡Bendito seas por siempre Señor!

Menchu, Preston (Inglaterra)

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